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York St John Pollination Project

The York St John Pollination Project, devised by Abi, is a funded, multi-disciplinary project that aims to ‘pollinate’ creative writing, visual art, music and critical writing whilst raising the awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators to our Eco-system.

The project has so far brought together students, artists, sculptors, entomologists, conservationists, writers and gardeners, and aims to continue to make these inspirational links in the future.

The Pollination Project website serves as a creative ‘pollen’ collection. Please read, view and enjoy the creative work gathered on the Pollination site. If you are inspired to respond with your own writing, artwork or music, and are willing to share that on the site, you will be continuing our ‘pollination’.


By Abi Curtis

We agitate. We take. Our creativity is

part work, part exquisite accident.

We strike the bluebell

carry its freight within ourselves.

The glade in which we tilt is loud,

but it grows quieter. We can detect bombs among the snowdrops

who are not sad and white but turbulent with purple, back-lit.

We are bombs ourselves. Not quite quorate. En masse.

One hyper-creature among the wood sage,

worshipping the red campion.

It isn’t that I can’t be singular.

I am also private, intimate with

the foxgloves and dandelions. They call like animals, like sirens.

I hum, singing with my whole body in the keys of A and C.

A citizen. Member of the wax pavilion. Mostly feminine.

The others convey their narratives in books of pheromone.

They have been time-travelling in fragrances

collecting holy alphabets.

We are a quorum of cartographers who navigate through dance.

We’ve found the absences where maps are scent-less.

We see you on our thousand screens

covering our violet land.

We are congregating, still collecting

our exhilarations.

We are an alternative to love.

We have been, and we will be, dissolution.

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